Peak Oil



The Peak Oil Question

Oil is the life blood of our modern life. Given this, the concept of peak oil is a fairly scary one and the reason we've devoted this site to the peak oil question.

Peak Oil

What is peak oil? Oil is a finite resource. Put another way, there is only so much of it in the world. The peak oil theory is often mistakenly said to mean we are running out of oil. This is incorrect. The theory instead asserts that we have reached the maximum amount of oil we will be able to ever produce in a single day. From here on, we will be able to produce a little bit less each day. That will have ramifications such as war and vicious economic recessions. More about that later.

Any site on peak oil, oil or just energy should be taken with a grain of salt. It is a difficult field to be neutral in so we'll state our position up front. We believe in the concept of peak oil. We are not entirely sure when it will happen, but believe it will come sooner rather than later. You should understand there are other views on the web that argue everything from there is plenty of oil out there to technology will save us to, well, a bunch of less credible theories

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Who should you believe? Us, of course! No, you are an adult. You have a brain. Take everything you read on the web with a serious grain of salt. Don't buy what others are selling. Figure it out for yourself. Do some research, consider the bias of the producer of that research and then make your own decision.

Whatever your final decision, it is important to pay close attention to the role oil plays in our lives. You'll be fairly stunned by how prevalent it is. It is in the fertilizer used to grow your food, the tires on the truck that bring it to market, the road the truck drives on, the plastic the food is packed in and so on. For such a supposedly advanced species, it is amazing how reliant we are on this single substance and what it would mean if prices went up dramatically.

Agree with us or disagree with us, we don't really care. Just make sure to educate yourself and make up your own mind.

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