Peak Oil



About Us is the creation of person who finds the subject to be immensely interesting and, frankly, a bit scary. Most of the world is clueless to the amount of reliance that is placed on oil in modern society. I certainly was! The fact that oil is used not just for transportation, but in food fertilizer, clothing, building material, plastic and thousands of other things was a real eye opener. If I didn’t know about it, I assume there are a host of others who do not as well. Thus, the site.

Unlike most media, I think it is important to be up front about my bias on this site. So, let’s get to it. I am a believer in peak oil. I do not believe that we will run out of oil for hundreds of years because of the thick, nasty stuff in Canada, Venezuela and other countries. While we will always have oil, I believe we’ve peaked or are about to in relation to the amount we can produce a day for use. The “easy” oil is gone for the most part and we are left with the difficult stuff that is expensive to get at and/or process. This will result in a drop in oil supplies world wide while demand rises. At a minimum, this is going to result in major price spikes that will cause economic chaos. At a maximum, we are looking at major resource wars. Indeed, it is rather telling that the U.S.A is in countries like Iraq and Libya that have oil, but not North Vietnam that doesn’t, but has nuclear weapons.

Now that you know my bias, you should contemplate everything on this site with this in mind. Enjoy!

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