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    • Oil is the pillar of our civilization, so there is constant news on the subject. In this section, you’ll find the latest peak oil news so bookmark the page to keep up to date.
    • Michael Lind has written an interesting and much discussed article in Salon on fossil fuels. His essential argument is we are at the beginning, not the end, of fossil fuels.
    • The peak oil subject is a powerful one and there are many video resources covering it. Following are links to some of the more impressive ones and/or people.
    • Following is Part 3 of the video interview with Colin Campbell on peak oil. This is perhaps the best video interview available from a credible source.
    • Below is Part 4 of the video interview with Colin Campbell on peak oil. If Hubbert is the father of peak oil, Campbell can be considered his successor in many ways.
    • Educating yourself on the oil issue is really the only way you can form an accurate opinion. Peak oil books are one way to really dig into the issue.
    • While oil may be running out, there is no end to the number of peak oil resources in the form of websites, books, videos and more. With this in mind, we’ve put the following resources together for you.
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